The Best Breakfast in Stratford

The Times, Olympic Artwork

Here are some new Olympic drawings for the Times.

Day 0

Some first drawings from the games day 0, see the movies online at the times
Opening Night

All The Bells

Countdown, Israeli Athletes remembered from Munich 40 years ago


Bus with mirrored windows. A perfect reflection of the moment of anticipation when the Olympic torch passes by, Crosby, Liverpool.

Blow-up torch, graphic torch, torch on the beach.

BMX World Championships

Strength and depth in Team GB cycling, but mixed weekend for medal hopefuls. Fantastic live sport though, I needed a couple of days to recover, pics here, videos at the Times

'Rider ready, watch the gate'

Stephen Murray BMX legend interviewed before elite finals

Team GB riding high

Strength and depth in British Cycling

Knocks and bruises after a weekend of competition

First drawings for The Times

Here are some of the iPad drawings the Times have published in the build up to the Olympic Games. If you want to see the way they are made go to the Times Online to find out more.

Lund Point, Carpenters Road Estate, 12/3/12

Lock Keepers House, Stratford High Street, 12/3/12

St. Michaels Mount 20/5/12

Britain goes large, Adidas launches team GB kit, 25/03/12

Marlborough Lane, Bath 22/5/12 4.30pm

Clifton Suspension Bridge 23/5/12 7am

BMX World Champs. AWESOME!!

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

There is a pub on the High Street in Stratford on the edge of the Olympic Park called Reflections. It is boarded up and soon it will be gone. In the hoardings I saw three wise monkeys