In The Dark Of The Night

Here is my new book, published by Frances Lincoln called In The Dark of the Night. It is a 'rights of passage' for a young wolf who sets out in the dark of the night, frightened but keen to discover what is at the top of the singing rock. When he has been there he is no longer frightened. Paul, the author told me it is about the first time your Dad takes you for a drink in a pub when you are 18.

Beijing 2000

I've made a decision on my exhibition next year. It will be at the Bankside Gallery next to Tate Modern in November 2009, a year from now. While Beijing will be a distant memory by then, London 2012 will be getting closer and it will be a great chance to both look back and forwards at the same time. I would like to call the show 'Citius Altius Fortius', after the Olympic motto 'Faster Higher Stronger' but not sure I will be allowed to. I think it speaks about sporting endeavor but also for the transformation of a country like China. There will be lots of news and events to tell you about between now and then, but I am likely to keep any images from the show under wraps until they go on public display. Here's a photo I took in Beijing in 1993 when they were bidding for the 2000 Olympic Games.