World Team

Every so often I am reminded what a great job I have. I received a package this week from Class 5HR, Overmonnow Primary school in Monmouth. They have made a fantastic copy of one of my books 'World Team'. Here are some brilliant pages made by individuals in the class.

Thanks to everyone who made a page in the book:

Look at the view out of the window in hawaii. I want to live there.

What a lively game in Madagascar with beautifully drawn figures.

I'd like a house near the beach in Jamaica with a palm tree to play football near.

That's a great wall to kick a ball against.

Look at the weather in Ireland. (Great goal!)

Someone has taken great care to draw all the trees in New Zealand!

That is a great building to play a game of football in front of.

What a lively street scene in Greece. I could play football there.

I love the idea that right now three people are playing football under three clouds in the Cook Islands.

Here are some spreads from my book: